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My name is Kalpit Parikh. A compound of કલ્પિત, kalpit: “imaginary”1 and પરિખ્, parikh: “examiner.”2

  1. અ•કલ્પિત, adj. [S. fr. અ not + કલ્પિત.] 1. Not imaginary; not fictious; real. 2. Unexpected; accidental (Belsare, 11).

  2. પરીક્ષ•ક, s.m. f. [See પરીક્ષા.] 1. An Examiner. 2. He or she who investigates accurately. A connisseur; a critic; a judge. 3. An assayer. 4. An expirmenter; a tester. Cf. Examination, test, trial (Belsare, 747).